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Boarding Announcement


Dog and Cat Boarding - Kaukauna Location Only

Clever K9s is dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of your furry family member. We treat every dog and cat guest like they are our own pets. When your pet stays with us, they receive the optimum amount of play and exercise, balanced with periods of rest. They also get plenty of loving attention from our highly-trained staff.

Dog Boarding

In order to attend boarding services, every dog MUST undergo an evaluation prior to starting services.

Dogs in boarding participate in dog daycare during daytime hours at no additional charge.

All dogs are provided their own suite, dishes & bed, you only need to bring your dog’s food.

Medications/special diets can be given for no additional fee.

Complimentary Bath with a 4 night or more stay for dogs.

24/7 Fire, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide monitoring.

Our kennel area HVAC system in equipped with fresh air intake & UV lights.

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding is only available when dog(s) from the same household are boarding. 75 cents per hour. Ask for details.


(Dogs Only)

In order to attend daycare or boarding services, every dog MUST undergo an evaluation prior to starting services.

Evaluation consists of: Dropping dog off for a minimum of 8 hours during daycare hours Monday-Friday.

Items evaluated: Body handling, comfort in a suite, and social skills with other dogs and staff.

Cost: $10.00 non-refundable regardless of results.

Evaluations are good for 1 year. If dog does not use daycare/boarding services for a 1 year period, a re-evaluation will be required (regular daycare charge).

Please call to schedule an evaluation, we do them by appointment only – no walk-ins.


The easiest way for us to keep our records up to date is to have your vet fax or email us the updated records at the time of the vaccine. Vets will not release records to us without your consent. The responsibility of keeping your dog up to date on vaccines is between you and your vet.

Fax: 920-766-1597


Grooming- Rabies for dogs over 5 months of age.

Boarding & Daycare- Rabies for dogs over 5 months. Distemper is required. Bordetella & Lepto are recommended but not required, a waiver for each must be signed if these are not administered.

Training Classes - It is your responsibility to make sure your dogs is up to date on all vaccines. No proof is required.

(Rabies)- All dogs 5 months or older are required to be up to date on rabies. We must have proof on paper from a vet. The rabies tag does NOT provided us adequate information.

(Distemper)- Dogs are required to be up to date on the vaccine or have a titer with adequate immunity levels. Puppies must have their 2nd round of vaccines before attending any services.

(Lepto & Bordetella) are highly recommended but we will allow waivers to be signed accepting responsibility shall your dog come down with illness.

Spay/Neuter Policy

Dogs over 7 months old must be fixed.